Communities in Weld County

Parish Avenue in Johnstown

Charming towns, thriving cities, quiet rural areas - Weld County has just the place you’re looking for whether it’s to visit or to call home. There are 31 incorporated municipalities in Weld County, each with their own distinct personality, rich history and strong sense of community.

The majority of our municipalities are an hour or less away from cultural amenities, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Denver International Airport, making Weld County an ideal location to live, work, play or add to your vacation itinerary. And if you are thinking about making a move to Weld County, we know you won't regret calling this beautiful place home.

*The towns of Johnstown and Windsor are located in both Weld and Larimer Counties, however, their municipal centers are located in Weld County. The town of Erie is located in both Weld and Boulder Counties; its municipal center is in Weld County. 


Garden City









The following municipalities extend into Weld County, however their business center is in another county.