Pops Art Contest

Pops Art Contest graphic. Text reads: Pops Art Contest.

We are proud to (finally) announce the winners of the 2021 Pops Art Contest! We know it has been a long wait, but trust us – it was worth it!

First, we want to thank our judges: Dr. Joe Sertich, Curator of Dinosaurs for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science; Audrey Atuchin, world renowned paleoartist, illustrator and biologist; Katie Orth, news anchor for Daybreak on KWGN Channel 2 in Denver; and Terri Mapelli DeMoney and Jerry Mapelli Gustafson, daughters of Roland “Sonny” Mapelli - donor of the Pops the Triceratops fossil to Weld County!

Next, we want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. We had 55 entries from around Colorado, the United States and the world! The work varied from pencil to sculptures and from realism to abstract. It was a joy to see the many variations of our beloved Triceratops!

Judges were asked to rate each entry on a scale of 1-10 for each of three categories: Creativity, Technique and Uniqueness. Trust me, there job was not easy! The totals were added up for each entry and the art with the highest score for each age group placed first, second, third or honorable mention. This is the work you will find below.

If you don’t see your artwork below, please know the competition was tough. All the judges, however, agreed that every entry deserved recognition, so those entries will be highlighted on the Pops the Triceratops social media platforms in the upcoming days. The art is just too good to not share with the world!

So, without further ado – 2021 Pops Art Winners:

2021 Pops Art Contest: 3-5 years


Zarek Ochoa's drawing of Pops

First Place:

Zarek Ochoa, age 5. He has loved dinosaurs for three years.

Olive McCue's drawing of Triceratops from the front

Second Place:

Olive McCue, age 5, from Greeley, CO. Her entry is a drawing of Triceratops from the front.

Xander Schreiner's drawing of a dinosaur

Third Place:

Xander Schreiner, age 4.

2021 Pops Art Contest: 6-8 years


Daniella Trumbo's Triceratops diorama

First Place:

Daniella Trumbo, age 7, from Fort Collins, CO. Daniella said she loved this summer project, and she got to see Pops when she visited the Denver Museum of Nature & Science earlier this year.

Evelyn Skidmore's Triceratops drawing

Second Place:

Evelyn Skidmore, age 8, from Erie, CO.

Aishlyn Saenz's Triceratops drawing. The triceratops is green.

Third Place:

Aishlyn Saenz, age 7, from Evans, CO.

Wesley Berg's multicolored Triceratops

Honorable Mention:

Wesley Nolan Berg, age 6, from Amman, Jordan. (If you look back at earlier videos on the Pops Facebook and Twitter pages, you will find Wesley’s tour of his dinosaur garden he created when visiting family in Colorado.)

Kostenich Grigorii's life-like Triceratops drawing

Honorable Mention:

Kostenich Grigorii, age 8, from Novosibirsk, Russia. Grigorii likes to draw and to study everything about dinosaurs. His entry was created using pencils and oil crayons.

2021 Pops Art Contest: 9-12 years


Sean Diep's Triceratops versus Carnotaurus watercolor

First Place:

Sean Colin Diep, age 10, of Gilroy, CA. The title of his piece is “Triceratops vs. Carnotaurus” and was created watercolor.

2021 Pops Art Contest 13-15 years



Diego Loez's Triceratops drawing

First Place:

Diego Lopez from Aurora, CO. 

Skanda R's lifelike triceratops drawing. Close up of a face.

Second Place:

Skanda. R, age 13, from Tamil Nadu, India.

Iker Manzano Lamadrid's life-like triceratops rendering

Third Place:

Iker Manzano Lamadrid of Galdakao/Vizcaya, Spain

Emily Pratt's triceratops

Honorable Mention:

Emily Pratt, age 13, of Johnstown, CO. Emily used a sketching app to draw this image.


2021 Pops Art Contest 16-18 years


1st Daspletoraptor

First Place:

This artist prefers to go by the name Daspletoraptor and is from Glendale, AZ. This submission features Pops standing over a Tyrannosaurus it killed in combat.

2021 Pops Art Contest 19



Cesar Gomez

First Place:

Cesar Gomez from Mexico City, Mexico.
 Francine Fox  

Second Place:

Francine Fox of Wayne, NE.


 Kristi Schwartz

 Third Place:

Kristi Schwartz of Severance, CO. 


 Marconi Calindas  

Honorable Mention:

Marconi Calindas of Palm Springs, CA. 


 Toby Taylor  

Honorable Mention:

Toby Taylor of Nunn, CO.


2021 Pops Art Contest 55



Todd Doleshall  

First Place:

Todd Doleshall, formerly of Greeley, now resides in Serpins, Portugal. 


 Kay Roberts  

Second Place:

Kay Roberts of Ohio.